Bern Nix Trio

  • Bern Nix - guitar
  • François Grillot - contrabass
  • Jackson Krall or Gerard Faroux - drums

About “Bern Nix Trio”

Bern Nix Trio - François Grillot

The Bern Nix Trio acknowledges the gravity of history, delineates the present and foreshadows the future in a performance mode that embraces original material and standard repertory. Conventional notions of melody, rhythm and harmony are reconfigured in a manner that allows for spontaneous composition and orchestration. The leader of this audacious yet highly listenable unit has performed with such musical luminaries as Ornette Coleman, John Zorn, James "Blood" Ulmer and Marc Ribot.

Bern Nix Trio Live Cake Shop NYC 12/01/08