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In Tongues Downtown Music Gallery review

I had not heard of either frontline members of this fine, free quartet, before Mr. Reuben left of with copies earlier this week (12/20/07). The rhythm team is of course more familiar. Francois Grillot is one downtown's best bassists who has worked with Matt Lavelle, Steve Swell and the Earth People. Powerhouse drummer Marc Edwards was an original member of the David S. Ware Qt, and has run his own series of free groups with a number of downtown's best free spirits: Rob Brown, Sabir Mateen and Ras Moshe. Reeds player, Diego Manuschevich, hails from Santiago, Chile.
'In Tongues' begins with "Rain," softly and freely with slowly spinning electric guitar, soprano sax and strong brushwork from Mr. Edwards. Francois starts off "Six-Winged Seraph" with some spooky bowed bass, soon the rest of the quartet enters with some intense yet restrained freer playing. Marc Edwards is a longtime master of the powerful side of free/jazz drumming and is central to the storm/force blast the whips up waves of free-blown insanity. There seems to be a strong bond between the guitar and sax, as both swirl around one another with lines of connected spirits. Considering that I hadn't heard of either of the two frontline players in this quartet, this a most impressive debut from the freer regions of downtown's vast network of fine musicians.

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