Matt Lavelle The Blessing

  • Matt Lavelle - trumpet & bass clarinet 
  • Ras Moshe - tenor saxophone 
  • François Grillot - contrabass 
  • Dave Miller - drums

About “Matt Lavelle The Blessing”

Matt Lavelle The Blessing - François Grillot

The Blessing is really a band that started in 2002 with the recording of "Handling the Moment" on CIMP, with Matt on trumpet and bass clarinet, Ras Moshe on tenor sax, Lou Grassi on drums and myself on bass. After his second recording, "Goodbye New York, Hello World" on Music Now Records, Matt plays the alto clarinet and Bob Hubbard is on drums.

The band just went to Sweden to play at the Umea Jazz Festival and in Stockholm, with Dave Miller, now on drums.

The Blessing's main objective is to be a forum for Matt's composition and evolving musical structures, which is finally finding its home.