Press Quotes

“… awesome…” - Nathan Turk, Signal To Noise

“… Grillot… impressive…” - Jay Collins, Cadence Magazine

“François Grillot… cooks to the boiling point” - Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz

“…Grillot's bass… shines through” - David Dupont, One Final Note

“… a dark tone and rare aggression.” - John Chacona, One Final Note

“… rock solid bass lines” - Chris Forbes, Cosmic Debris

“Grillot reinforces …time…” - Rex Butters, All About Jazz

Sky Readers

Sky Readers - Undivided Vision Records

Musicians on record:

  • Andre Martinez - drums, Ghanaian metal balafon, shekere, djembe, bells & percussion
  • Doug Principato - electric guitar
  • Jason Candler - alto sax, guitar, percussion
  • Sabir Mateen - alto/tenor sax, clarinet, alto clarinet, flute
  • Mark Hennen - piano, keyboards
  • Francois Grillot - contrabass
  • Firehorse - electronics

Recording track list:

  1. Magical Flower (Horus the Red Travels Backwards) (41:22) 
  2. It's That Simple (10:33)

Sky Readers - release info:

Undivided Vision Records

Undivided Vision Records. 
Produced, arranged, and performed by Earth People
Recorded April 30, 2003
live at Walker Space, NYC by Doug Principato
assisted by Jason Candler
Mixed by Jason Candler at Loho Studios
assisted by Doug Principato

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