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The Manifestation Drama Downtown Music Gallery review

Thanks to local photographer John Rogers, who took the pics here (www.myspace.com/crayonensemble), for introducing Matt to Ornette Coleman. Ornette has become a teacher and inspiration to Matt, the evidence is in the grooves. No doubt you know downtown bassist, Francois Grillot, from his work with Steve Swell, Marc Edwards and Michael Marcus. Both Francois and percussionist, Andre Martinez are members of the great Earth People ensemble. Pianist Chris Forbes also runs with the same crowd, has worked with Daniel Carter and other downtowners.

Morcilla is a blood sausage which sounds fine if you are not a vegetarian. Their music is something else quite as fascinating to listen to. "god love sex" opens with a wonderful slow-burning quartet - bass clarinet, piano, acoustic bass and congas. Matt keeps getting better on bass clarinet as he reaches deeper into his soul to expose the muse within. After Matt's thoughtful solo, Chris takes off on the piano for the stratosphere with some inspired and intense free runs. Next Matt picks up the trumpet and explores the outer regions while the trio spins quickly underneath. "Synesthesia" begins with some exquisite, swirling piano and somber, lyrical bass clarinet. This followed by a short, lovely muted trumpet and conga duo that feels just right and is called "The Eternity Tree". The title track also simmers slowly with some haunting bass clarinet by Matt over some suspense-filled bowed bass and delicate piano and percussion. Completely sublime and quite lovely. "The Living Desire" has a most memorable, McCoyish melody played by Matt on bass clarinet and it had he humming along immediately. Chris Forbes' piano solo is just amazing on this fine piece as well. "OC DC BC" has a great, dark and repeating bass line with some inspired a great trumpet solo from Matt. As Matt Lavelle continues to mature as a musician and composer, his discs also get better and better. 'The Manifestation Drama' is filled with beauty, restraint and collective creativity.

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