Albey Balgochian - bass, trio with:

  • François Grillot - bass 
  • Hill Greene - bass 
  • Lisle Ellis - bass 
  • Ken Filiano - bass 
  • Charles Gayle - bass 
  • and Jane Grenier - words

About “Bassentric”

Bassentric - François Grillot

Bassentric is one of my favorite improvisational band, lead by Albey Balgochian, it continues to obliterate the status quo of music compartmentalization. dedicated to the experimantal arts, exploring guided imagery through "Sounds Art Pieces", this multi-bassed ensemble improvises each piece based on its narratives. Bassentric is organic, and ever evolving, and includes also at different times Hill Green, Lisle Ellis, Ken Filiano and Charles Gayle, yes, on the bass. This powerful combination of basses with spoken words explores uncharted dimentions.

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