• Catherine Sikora on Tenor and Alto Sax
  • Anders Nilsson on Guitar
  • Roy Campbell on Trumpet, Pocket Trumpet and Flute
  • Daniel Levin on Cello
  • Jay Rosen on Drums

About “Contraband”

Contraband - François Grillot

ContraBand emerged from a trio Roy Campbell, Dee Pop and I used to have about 5 years ago.
I started to write music and the band was added of Steve Swell on trombone and Catherine Sikora on saxophone. Jay Rosen, drums, joined us, and so did Daniel Levin, cello, both long time collaborators on various band projects. Matt Lavelle, trumpet, and Claire de Brunner, bassoon have also been part of the band. 
Now with Anders Nilsson, the band has reach it's fullness in musical shapes and textures. I am still writing the music and also have taken the improvisations to a different place by scripting the direction through the instrumentation. Our first release of Contraband had just been released; it was recorded at the Hell's Kitchen Jazz Festival last spring on 56Kitchen Records.

A glimpse of François Grillot's "French Contraband" at The Local 269