Press Quotes

“… awesome…” - Nathan Turk, Signal To Noise

“… Grillot… impressive…” - Jay Collins, Cadence Magazine

“François Grillot… cooks to the boiling point” - Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz

“…Grillot's bass… shines through” - David Dupont, One Final Note

“… a dark tone and rare aggression.” - John Chacona, One Final Note

“… rock solid bass lines” - Chris Forbes, Cosmic Debris

“Grillot reinforces …time…” - Rex Butters, All About Jazz


Renewal - CIMP Records

Musicians on record:

  • Chris Kelsey- soprano saxophone
  • Steve Swell- trombone
  • Francois Grillot- bass
  • Jay Rosen- percussion

Recording track list:

  1. A Romp in the Dark
  2. Charlie Parker's Last Will and Testament
  3. Reason Excluded
  4. Enough
  5. No Tell
  6. E and Me

Renewal - release info:

CIMP Records

Record Label: CIMP Records

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